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Adjustable Length Power Bogie

Adjustable Length Power Bogie


We can now offer our power bogies in 13:1 and 25:1 gear ratios,

13:1 Pros:- 1. Cheaper, 2. Faster running for better main line speed,

13:1 Cons:- 1. Shorter tooth life, 2. Needs adjusting occasionally, 3. Less powerful pulling, 4. higher amp draw.

25:1 Pros:- 1. Very long tooth life, 2. No adjusting needed, 4. Higher pulling ability, 4. Lower amp draw.

25:1 Cons:- More expensive, 2. Slower main line running.

For an example to help you chose, our Tin Turtle model would be better on 25:1 as in real life it is a slow engine that pulls a heavy load. Or Railbus would be better on 13:1 as it would have a higher line speed and would not normally pull anything.

We have now designed a power bogie that should cater for everybody's needs. This bogie can be made for 35mm to 95mm centers and is available in 32mm or 45mm gauge. The 45mm gauge has our standard LGB flanges and both gauges have insulated stainless steel wheels.

We also offer this bogie in two gear ratios, 13:1 and the slower but more powerful 25:1. Both gear sets are made from brass and steel, so will last for years! The main bogie body etched .7mm brass and has a full set of Brass bearings. The motor is our dependable and powerful RS385 unit that can run up to 15 volts!

These power bogies come as an almost ready to run unit. The only job left to do is cut it down to your desired wheelbase and fix the two halves together. Each half is marked at 5mm intervals with a half etch line to help the reduction process. The bogie also comes with a full length of chain and 8 screws.

  • £72.50

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