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MicroViper Marine10 ESC

MicroViper Marine10 ESC

MicroViper Marine10 ESC, perfect for our locomotive kits.

We've been so happy with these controllers we've put our name put on them !

The MicroViper Marine10 is very powerful for it's small size, it has been designed to run up to a maximum of 10Amps, making it a perfect alternative or upgrade for any small, low power RC model.

The MicroViper Marine10 has a very small footprint measuring just under 26.0mm square, making it seem even smaller is the fact that is only an incredible 9.0mm high!!

With a 10Amp motor limit and it's incredibly small size, the MicroViper Marine10 is invaluable in the small scale models where space is at a premium! But don't let it's small size fool you! Like it's bigger brothers in the Viper range, it is packed full of features, including motor short protection, motor stall protection, adjustable reverse including reverse disable, built in failsafe and is also 100% waterproof.

MicroViper Marine10 specification

    10Amp motor limit
    Motor short protection
    Forwards & reverse
    1.0KHz drive frequency
    4.8V - 12.0V input voltage
    1.2A BEC
    Built in failsafe
    26.0mm x 25.6mm x 9.0mm
    100% Waterproof
    Weight - 23.0g

The MicroViper Marine10 comes with standard battery and motor connections fitted so it is easy to fit straight into any RC model install.

Kit Contents:
X1     ESC
Technical Information:
Voltage     4.8V - 12.0V
Length     26mm
Width     25.6mm
Height     9mm

  • £24.00