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WDLR F Wagon

*** PLEASE NOTE ***You must buy all the posts you want for your wagon at the point of sale. We will NOT be selling the post separately under any circumstances. This is to keep the unique selling point..


WDLR E Wagon

PLEASE SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR PDF DOWNLOADABLE & PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONSFully scale model of a WDLR E wagon. Comes as a one piece moulded resin body, brass fittings, et..


Bolt On Chopper Coupling

This is a nicely detailed generic bolt on brass coupling that can be fitted with the included chopper or drawbar coupling. It can also have a three link coupling hook fitted with the included brass wi..


Roundhouse Riveted Plate Coupling

This coupling has been designed to be a direct fit to the standard Roundhouse buffer beam that has the cutout on the bottom, like the Lady Anna. It comes with a chopper and drawbar coupling and also h..


Light Duty Resin Buffer

After many requests from our customers, we have made a cheaper version of our standard buffer in resin. Comes as a pair with nuts, washers and brass wire for 3 link hooks. Please be aware that this bu..


Round Head Brass Chopper Coupling

PLEASE SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR PDF DOWNLOADABLE & PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONSDirect replacement chopper coupling.Short and scale looking.Fully compatible with Accucraft and ..


16mm Coupling Chain

This is great chain for coupling up 16mm models. The links are NOT welded, so can be easily twisted apart, removed from the main length and closed back up, so no wastage. Any number of links can be re..


Slaters WDLR Baldwin Lifter Hose

We have now made our WDLR lifter hose to fit the Slaters WDLR Baldwin...


Variable Length Brass Horn

In response to popular demand, we have made this very nicely cast brass horn for 16mm, (or similar scale) models. The horn itself comes with a well hollowed out trumpet and can be cut down to any leng..


Grounded Small Tank

This is a great addition to any railway, our grounded version of the little Swift Sixteen tank wagon. Comes as a three part resin casting consisting of a solid rustic base, hollow tank and filler...