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Ready To Run Power Bogie

Ready To Run Power Bogie

We now offer our power bogies in 13:1 and 25:1 gear ratios.

13:1 Faster running for better main line speed,

25:1 Slower main line running, with theoretically more pulling power.

For an example to help you chose, our Tin Turtle model would be better on 25:1 as in real life it is a slow engine that pulls a heavy load. Our Railbus would be better on 13:1 as it would have a higher line speed and would not normally pull anything.

Made from a very solid .7mm brass chassis, and has a removable base to keep garden muck out ! Fitted with a powerful 6-15 volt RS385 5 pole motor, custom over sized brass bearings, Delrin chain-gears and Brass-steel gears. Also a point of note, is that our 45mm wheel sets now come with proper LGB flanges!

If you are going to run this power bogie with an electronic speed controller, you must use a motor suppression kit to cut down RF noise. Kit available below.

These power bogies are “ready-to-run” in as much as they are not in kit form. They can have power fed to the motor in whatever way suits your railway. If you run track fed models, you will need to add your own wheel pickups.

Kit Contents:
X1     Chassis
X1     Wheel set
X4     Bearings
X1     Motor
X1     Delrin set
X1     Motor gear
X1     Axle gear
Technical Information:
Wheel size     24mm
Wheel Base   64mm

  • £80.00

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