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Steel worm and brass gear for power bogies and re-gearing old models with worn out or plastic gears.

These gears are the same as we use in our power bogies. The motor worm gear is steel and the axle gear is brass.

As standard, the worm comes with a 2mm motor shaft hole that can be drilled out to suit your motor (this is best done in a lathe). We do offer a 2.3mm hole to suit our MFA 385 motors. The axle gear comes as a 3/16 hole (about 4.8mm). Both worm and gear are held in place with a grub screw.

These gears are perfect for the home builder or to simply replace worn out or inadequate plastic gears.

The gear ratio is 13:1 and gives a very good speed range when used with our MFA motor on 12v. However, using a lower voltage also gives very good scale running qualities. 

13:1 Faster running for better main line speed,

25:1 Slower main line running, with theoretically more pulling power.

Kit Contents:
X1     Worm
X1     Gear
X2     Grub screw
Technical Information for 13:1 :-

Worm length             13.2mm
Worm diameter         6.2mm
Gear diameter           11.5mm
Gear width                 2.6mm
Gear boss width        3.7mm
Overall gear width     6.3mm
Gear bore                  3/16"- 4.8mm
Worm bore                2mm – 2.3mm

Technical Information for 25:1 :-

Worm length             14.6mm
Worm diameter         6.9mm
Gear diameter          17.2mm
Gear width                4mm
Gear boss width        3.7mm
Overall gear width     7.7mm
Gear bore                  3/16"- 4.8mm
Worm bore                2mm – 2.3mm

  • £20.00

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