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Peppa Pig

Posted by Rob 15/04/2016 0 Comment(s)
April 18, 2016
After a short personal visit to Barley Pit Works, we were Inspired by a toy Peppa Pig Camper van Matt Towel had converted for his kids to run on SM32!
Knowing that we had just produced an adjustable power bogie and with an existing range of RC and brass products, we felt inspired to make one of our own Peppa Pig Campers :-)
This conversion took us just under a day. The Camper was very carefully cut so as to leave as much of the original model as possible, as we wanted Peppa and all her friends in it once finished!
Our Camper was fitted with an 11.1 volt (3S) lipo battery, Spektrum micro receiver, Swift Sixteen Viper ESC and our new adjustable Swift Sixteen 25:1 power bogie. Extra brass details were also added to the exterior to give Peppa's ride some extra 'bling bling'!! These were Swift Sixteen door handles, wind screen wipers and draw bar coupling (cut down to fit).
Although this little vehicle may seem childish to some, there is great satisfaction in taking something that is a basically a static toy and giving it a breath of life :-)
We will be adding a 10 foot length of track to our stand and running our Peppa Camper up and down. So if you see us at a show, ask to see it running ;-)










May 1, 2016


Today Peppa has been in road testing!!