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Noo Noo

Posted by Rob 22/05/2016 0 Comment(s)

This Noo Noo project was a bit of fun, but with a serious and very useful side. Kids love it because it's Noo Noo, and we love it as it keeps our track clean and slip free, everyone's a winner. The Noo Noo is a 1990's bump and go toy with a flashing back end and sounds.


Unfortunately it is glued together from manufacture, so getting inside is a cutting job. Once in, a tank was made out of brass sheet to hold the paraffin and a delivery pipe with globe valve fitted. The tanks filling hole was threaded with a 1/4-40 thread, rubber seal added and vent groove cut into the side of the thread.


A 2mm aluminium chassis was made and one of our 13:1 power bogies fitted. The toy's sound board was refitted, x3aa battery holder bolted on and switch added.


After some ten or so attempts, a very successful 'drip plate' was made. The plate was designed to cope with 2 foot radius curves and sprung loaded to stay on the rails.


The paraffin is filled by removing the filler on top. Once the Noo Noo and drip plate are on the rails, the filler is unwound a few turns so the tank is free to vent via the groove cut into the threads. Then the globe valve is opened about a 1/4 turn to establish the desired drip speed, then flick the power switch.


The Noo Noo has a moderate speed at 4.5v on the 13:1 gearbox. If you're running for results, set the drip to fast for a real wet run, two laps will get the job done fast. If it's to clean and keep the kids happy, a slow drip will gently wet the rails over many laps and make any spectators watching very happy.


At some point, I will add brushes between the wheels and make a cloth sled to wipe the track.