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New Japanese 'N' Gauge Layout

Posted by Rob 01/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

Jun. 01, 2016


Some of us traders decided to bring our model railways to Fairbourne next year, so I'd have to start mine!!

I consider mine now started !!!

Some of you may know, my other personal scale other than 16mm is Japanese N gauge. I had a 22 foot exhibition layout some years ago called JR Coast. I attended the 35th N Gauge convention in 2002 with it. It was sold some time ago along with all the stock. I spent a few years dabbling in other electric scales, but ended up back at Japanese N. I now have more than enough stock for another railway (twice what was sold off!) but no railway! It has taken me about 3 years to work out what I want this second time around, but I'm 99% there now and with Fairbourne to aim for next year, TIME TO GET BUILDING!


Here is a link to my old JR Coast layout at the 35th







Jun. 04, 2016


95% of the wood for the base boards bought today and the main base boards cut up.



Jun. 05, 2016


The delivery man turned up today (on a Sunday!! ) with some presents for the new layout. I got them so I can start trying to visualise the city side. I'll be making the buildigs taller, but this is a start.



Sep. 15, 2016


Realising my last N railway was going to be WAY too big to store, I changed direction and am now 3/4 the way through a new plan!! I've taken a few days off work as 7 day weeks get old fast after 8 years of it!



Sep. 16, 2016


Work on the first box is now basically finished. There is still miles to go yet, but at least 95% of the woodworking out the way.  Some people will already know, but many don't, I along with another trader have decided to leave our trade stands at home for Fairbourn 2017. We decided to take model railways instead, as this is what the public really want to see when coming to a railway show!  This presented me with a problem as I sold my exhibition Japanese N layout about 7 years ago!! This is my big push, to try and squeeze the making of this new railway into my already busy work schedule.





Sep. 18, 2016


Work had progressed on the N layout while stock making for Elsecar. Although a long way from finished, it's starting to take shape. Ends need to he made for each box and steel suports for the middle so as not to sag etc. There will be a smaller 3rd box with an interconnecting covered box. The first two boxes will have one scene in and the 3rd box will be totally different.










Sep. 20, 2016


With such a thin frame, sagging is an issue, this is how I've overcome it.
The end MDF (will be middle) panel will be cut to the shape of the landscape. At that point, the roof bracing will hold the roof level.









May 22, 2017