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Due to getting ready to move house, I have decided to sell my personally owned and personally built 16mm buildings, starting with my customised station.

The station was built by myself as a personal project out of two Pendle Valley buildings. This station has been heavily modified to create the look I wanted. At the time of ordering the buildings, I was also able to get some extra sections of other kits so I could create a whole building with flowing details. If I had just built the kits 'as is' I'd not have been able to achieve the 'one building' look I wanted.

A considerable amount of work has gone into making this building including making sure all corners meet properly, the building is square, all the roofs and walls dovetail seamlessly into one. I have also dug into the resin and removed down pipes and added them elsewhere, fitted replacment window frames, reduced the whole building in it's depth so it takes up less space on a platform and fettled all the corners so the blocks flow. I put some extra effort into making the canopy using aftermarket valances. And fitted a Trenarren Models station clock.

As I said, I have personally made this building up for myself, but now we intend to move, there is no railway in my garden! This building also comes with all 6 windows need for the kit and one spare plus x2 clock faces. Also a set of 4 brass valances for the roof, a set of finials for the roof peaks AND a handful of new in packet painted station goodies from Perfect World.

The cost of these kits bought unmade and extras would be over £225, my price is £180 plus £13 shipping.

Shipping is going to be an issue and I will do my BEST to wrap it well, but if the buyer can't collect and needs to use the post service, I can't be held accountable for any damage, sorry. This is big and travel can be harsh on big models!

I have more buildings to sell in the same good condition, so maybe a buyer would want to bulk buy and collect ??

Swift Sixteen.

Resin custom made station

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