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This is a first for us to offer a Railbus body on its own, it is very doubtful it will ever happen again!


The reason why we are offering this body as a seconds is because we had 1.5mm of mould slip in one corner of the internal mould. This has no affect at all on the outside of the body, all it means is the skirting board on the inside is 1.5mm too low in one corner. 


If you were to build this body with the correct Swift Sixteen floor panels, you'd run into some problems with levelling the body. However, as a scratch build, the mould slip means nothing what so ever!


As a helping hand, I have already given this body what I consider a 1st stage clean up, so all the windows have been cleaned up, the lower body line has been cleaned up and also the two vertical split mould lines that run up the two corners have also been cleaned up.


If you have always wanted a Swift Sixteen Railbus as a scratch build project using your own parts, then this is your golden opportunity.



This is a sale for the body only, we are offering NO OTHER parts for it in this sale. However, we do sell some selected parts from the RB kit in our listings and you are very welcome to add those to your order if you decide to buy this body. ie:-

Power Bogie,

Trailer Bogie, 


Brass driver controlls,

T handles,

Grab rails,

Window Wipers.


We will NOT be offering for sale any Railbus parts that are not already listed on our website. So that means no stainless window frames or any floor parts etc. Please do not buy this body thinking you can simply buy all the other parts and complete the standard kit.


This listing is purely for a raw body and your chance to make it your own at a much reduced cost.

Second's Railbus body