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I have been asked many times since I started my YouTube Channel and showed my paint work on my builds, if I offer a painting service.


Well I've decided to do just that now.


Please understand right off the bat, I am not a 'Pro Painter' but the results I get, some people seem to like. I have included some pictures above to show some of the bodies I have painted. I will be adding more pictures as I do more of my own cars on my YouTube Channel.


Prices are impossible to quote on a listing as the requirements of each car will be very different, but to give you an idea:-

Simple one gloss colour (not laquered) could be £25.

A simple two colour with laquer could be £60.


When thinking about asking about a painting service, please remember that every colour needs masking, this is very time heavy and I only use Tamiya Tape on the paint lines, Tamiya Tape is expensive, but the best! Also paint and thinners are not cheap, and don't forget the gun needs washing out with thinners every time after a colour etc and this all takes time.



Decals are a universal pain in the butt, anybody that has tried to livery up a car knows this unless they have been very lucky. Because of this, all decals needed for the paint work will need to be supplied with the car body. 


So if you'd like me to paint your car and you understand time is money and materials are not cheap, please feel free to contact me.



Slot Car Painting Service

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