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Overseas Postage

Overseas shipping


We have been asked many times over the years why our overseas postage cost is not what the customer expected for the size of order they are trying to place to their country. So we thought it would be useful to explain here for the benefit of our new customers that have not used our service before and are not familiar with how our system works.

Swift Sixteen sell a very wide range of railway modelling goods, we also sell right across the world. This means that some boxes will be long, or heavy, or expensive or small and light, and often a combination of all these things. Although the Swift Sixteen website works on a global postage calculator, it is almost impossible to get that system working perfectly considering the limitless variables involved. Even if we were able to get it perfect at one point in time, you can bet that the very next day, the postage companies will change their prices, rendering our postage calculator incorrect.

So this is how we charge for overseas postage. Most overseas postage charges will 'appear' higher than expected, this is because in most cases it is. Once the order is booked out, and we know for sure exactly what the postage charge is on that given day, we always refund the overcharge back to the customer via the method of payment they used. Conversely, if the postage cost is higher than expected and the website does not charge enough, Swift Sixteen will normally take on that extra charge and the customer will not normally be asked to pay more.

We hope this explains our overseas postage position, many thanks for your interest in Swift Sixteen products.



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