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This is a set of four PU tyres in 30 shore to fit the Carrera 1:32 F1 axle set that I used in my 1:43 Die-Cast car converssion videos. They fit well onto the wheels, grip very well and are easy to true on a tyre turer machine.


Sizes are :-

Rear,         11x17mm

ID,              10mm 

Groove,    7x1mm


Front,        9x17mm

ID,              10mm

Groove,   5x.5mm


A full build up of these tyres and the resin chassis on this site can be seen on my YouTube channel, SwiftSlots. These videos should be used as an instruction guide, but a guide only as there are many options open to you to build up a good chassis.

1:43 Tyre Set

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