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Can be seen on YouTube SwiftSlots channel.


1:43rd Scale Die-Cast Car Conversion Chassis.


This is a custom made resin chassis set to convert 1:43rd scale Die-cast model cars (or small 1:32) into slot cars. The chassis is designed around the 'Slim Can' motor and Carrera F1 axle set.


The Slim Can motor can be bought from Pendle Slot as can the Carrera F1 axle set. You will also need a motor pinion of a 1.5mm bore as well as a front guide.


Although this chassis was made around the Carrera axle, Scalextric bearings will also clip in with no problems. Scalextric gears will also fit with a little trimming. In fact, I suspect that a great many standard slot car parts can be used.


As the chassis stands, a wheelbase of between 50-80mm can be made and the resin can be easily trimmed down to suit most die-cast car bodies.


The front end of the chassis has been left totally blank to give the best options for conversions. The guide block is a snug fit between the rails and can be sunk deeper into the chassis, or raised to suit your guide thickness. The guide can also be slid up and down the chassis for the best position for your build.


We are also offering a full set of 30 shore Urethane tyres to fit directly onto the Carrera F1 wheels to suit the 1:43 cars. These tyres will need to be trued down to suit each car, but with an outside diameter of 17mm, these tyres will fit most 1:43 wheel arches. Also being Urethane, they will sand down very easily and have plenty of grip. The tyres and wheels could be cut down in width if necessary to form a narrower look if needed.


The making of this chassis and build up on a car has been documented in full on YouTube via my channel SwiftSlots. These videos are not only  meant to be entertaining, but also form the instructions for this product. 



1:43rd Scale Die-Cast Car Conversion Chassis

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