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13:1 Gear set.


This gear set is available in different combinations :-


Set A = 2mm worm(motor side), 3/16" wheel (axle side)


Set B = 2.3mm worm(motor side), 3/16" wheel (axle side)


Set C = 2.3mm worm(motor side), 1/4" wheel (axle side)


Please choose A,B or C  from the option list when ordering. The motors we sell have a 2.3mm shaft.




These gear sets run at a good brisk pace when powered on 12v. They are not best suited for large heavy locos expected to pull a heavy train. Also note that due to the small size of the gear teeth, a good close mesh of the gears is best when setting up, but not tight in any way.

13:1 Gear Set

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