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3mm Axle Pulley Set for the Slot Car Tyre Truer.


Since the tyre truer came out, it has become clear that the standard pulley that comes with the machine will not cover the needs of some brands or scales.


So with this in mind, we are now offering this hand turned brass pulley set with a 3mm bore and bearings. The bearings are within this kit as bearings from most 3mm axle models are single sided and our machine needs the standard twin flanged bearings to work.


The pulley comes with a pre-fitted, flat ended M3 grub screw and can be tightened with the supplied 1.5mm allen key within the Tyre Truer original kit. You will also notice that the pulley has a hole, rather than a slot. This is because a hole is much better to align on an axle and all (as far as I know) cars fitted with 3mm axles have removable wheels and gears. This means a wheel set that needs to be trued can be broken down into it's component parts and only the parts needed can be mounted to the machine, ie one axle and wheel only, rather than a whole axle set.


If there are axles out there bigger than 3mm (say 1/8") I am happy to make this set in a larger bore, just ask.





3mm Axle Pulley Set

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