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Accucraft or Roundhouse WDLR water lifter hose.

Our lifter hose is made from cast resin and is fully detailed with end fittings and wire re-enforced looking pipe. It fits onto the hose holder on the rear of the WDLR Accucraft Baldwin or Roundhouse Alco locomotives.

It is cast in mid grey, but can be painted up to give a more realistic weathered finish. We suggest a coat of white matt primer and 'rub' a mixture of light and very dark greys from Games workshop, to give depth and bring up all the undulations of the pipe and fittings.

Please note,

We were commissioned by Accucraft to make the water lifter hose for their 2015 WDLR Baldwin model. Now that the 2015 Accucraft order has been finished, we have been given permission to advertise and sell these hoses to modellers that own previous batches of Accucraft Baldwins. If you have a 2015 batch Accucraft Baldwin coming, this hose will be on your locomotive as standard and you will not need to buy one from use.

Kit Contents:-

X1 Lifter hose

Accucraft or Roundhouse WDLR loco hose

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