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One thing that the big manufacturers have left off our models, are nice steps. For some reason we always get, 'short changed' when it comes to this small, but important detail feature. Swift Sixteen now have the answer with our new step kit. Each kit comes as a set of two step kits loaded with detail, like diamond plating and rivet detailing.

Construction takes but just a few minutes by snipping off the sprue, folding and soldering together. Because every loco has differing fitting requirements, a certain amount of customizing may be needed for fitment to your locomotive. We have supplied you with a nice big mounting plate and some pre-etched holes that may be of use in the fitting process; if not, simply drill your own. The twin holes are 12.5mm spaced and will accommodate some of the Accucraft range. These steps can be bolted or glued to your model. In the case of an electric model, a sticky foam pad could be used for a solid fixing. Each step is 27.5mm wide, (large tread) 18mm wide, (small tread) and 28mm tall in total. The fixing plate is 30mm x 20mm. The brass the steps are made from is .7mm. 

Brass Step Kit

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