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Last wax brass Drawbar coupling

Three piece Cast brass drawbar coupling.

Can be use as a replacement for the Accucraft chopper coupling. There are dots cast into the back of the back plate ready for Accucraft mounting.  

If fitting to other models, a cast thread of 4mm has been included, simply needing the drilling of a single 4mm hole.

If two of these couplings were to be fitted to a wagon, the wagon spacing would be about 42mm.

The pin remains lose so the draw bar can be fitted or removed. There is also plenty of movement within the coupling, allowing for almost any track condition.

Kit Contents:
X1     Stock
X1     Drawbar
X1     Pin
X1     Nut
X1     Washer
Technical Information:

Width of stock head     15mm
Height of stock head     10mm
Width of back plate     25mm
Height of back plate     12mm
Back plate to hole center     11mm
Coupling bar hole center     19mm

Drawbar Coupling

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