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Please note, we have now moved over to our glass filled nylon wheels.  Models showing images of metal wheels will now be supplied with our high quality glass filled nylon wheels


The anti-venom to our brass Victorian Steam Tram !!

16mm is a great scale to model in, with many prototypes modeled by many manufacturers. The danger is that it will become too serious and, maybe too expensive for the desperately needed younger generation.  This is our attempt to put a good dollop of inexpensive FUN into 16mm !

Flash is a light hearted Art Deco locomotive, inspired by Flash Gordon of the 1930's. This may have been something that 'in the day,' could have been drawn up in fantasy for our railways. So in a way, it is 'in keeping' with our steam locomotives!

It is an ideal crowd pleaser on show layouts, for both the young and the young at heart !!

We will be shortly producing coaches for Flash. These coaches will be ultra light weight, vacuum formed items with a one piece body and chassis.

Flash is a fan driven locomotive and comes in our standard tough cast resin. The kit consists of very few parts and can be assembled in under one hour. The body, hoop and chassis are all one piece moldings that require little or no cleaning up.

With our recommended running gear, (listed below), Flash can attain speeds WAY beyond what is reasonable or practical for our railways; but on the flip side, it is also perfectly able to be driven slower than a geared Garrett with full control! With careful throttle set up, a very practical speed range can be programmed and would be an exciting and fun model to be left with the grandchildren on a Sunday afternoon.

An uneven railway also offers no barrier to Flash, as it is fan driven, wheel traction becomes a non-issue. Simply set the throttle to your railway so full throttle is enough to climb your steepest bank, then you have the joy of operating the brakes on the down hill.

The fun can last for hours at a time. Using the new Lithium battery technology, and brushless motor set-up, we have run for well over two hours with only 1/4 of the battery capacity having been used ! Care should be taken when using and charging Li-po cells, as they CANNOT be abused. Please make sure you understand how to use them and buy the correct charger.

We see Flash as a blank canvas and have deliberately left the body fairly plain. This gives you the opportunity to really go to town on customization! Go wild, Flash will lend itself to a huge range of styles, Space War, Art Deco, Captain Nemo, War Hammer etc. Because the shape is so non-descript, any sort of paint job can be applied, from a straight color to your favorite car on TV. Just imagine Flash in the orange General Lee Dukes of Hazard colors,  or Knight Rider with a strobing light fitted, Maybe a dirty yellow Trotters  van with ladders on the top! You could go for racing teams like Red Bull or Gulf, maybe cover it in fluffy material and turn it into a animal, the list is endless.

We recommend you buy this list from  Robot Birds.


Robot Birds actually do a 'Bundle Pack' for the flash. Please see this link and click 'Bundle Packs' half way down the page:-