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Please note, we have now moved over to our glass filled nylon wheels.  Models showing images of metal wheels will now be supplied with our high quality glass filled nylon wheels


These are a pair of very finely cast and detailed bogies running on 20mm 6 spoke Swift Sixteen wheels in our standard brass tubes. They have a very low profile, so can be used to good affect on smaller wagons needing bogies. The main body uses our normal thickly cast body design, so is very strong. However, we recommend these bogies only for small to medium sized models due to the slightly thinner main body and smaller wheels. Each bogie has its own top, bar top to control roll and ball top to compensate for track undulation.


Wheel base 35mm

Overall length 72mm

Max width on 32mm is 65mm

Max width on 45mm is 78mm

Height from rail to top of mount 23mm

Wheel diameter 20mm

Framed Bogie Set

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