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MFA, Carbon brushed upto 15v 385 5 pole motor, perfect for 16mm electric engines.

There are many motors out there we can use for 16mm, but not all are good for our use. Some are too big, some too weak, some have no brushes and not good for ESC's, some draw too much current, some run too fast, some run too slow, even on 24V !!

We have found the 385 sized motors geared to be perfect for 16mm modelling. But, don't be fooled, not all 385 motors are the same. MFA make just about the best you can buy, and we have not found anything better for the price ! These MFA 385 motors are the, 'real deal'. They have a very low amp consumption, loads of low end power, do not over rev, small size can, carbon brushes, large bronze bushes and produce very little RF noise. In short, their perfect, and if you want huge power, fit two !!!!


Kit Contents:
X1     Motor

X2     Screws
Technical Information:
Length of can     38mm
Width of can     28mm
width of shaft     2.3mm
Length of shaft     14mm
Voltage     upto 15 volt 

MFA 385 5 Pole Motor

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