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Give your platform a real lift with Swift Sixteen's cast platform edging.

Garden railways are all about atmosphere, and what could be more atmospheric than a well detailed, station platform? A bare concrete slab can only go so far in giving the impression of a platform, this edging will really put that finishing touch to your station scene.

Both ends of these edging sections have deep, half brick, full brick and full slab detail, so a continuous run can be achieved with near invisible joints. Each brick and top slab are exactly 16mm scale. A full size brick is 9" x 3", this comes to 12mm x 4mm, a full size slab is 18" x 18", this comes to 24mm. The Swift Sixteen platform edging is made to exactly these sizes to achieve a, 'True' scale feel.

Each piece is cast from dark grey weather proof resin and can easily be bonded or screwed to your existing station platform edge, then painted in exterior paint . If your platform is already fixed into place, or cast in situ, it is only a simple case of cutting your existing platform back with a disc cutter by 32mm. You will also see that this edging is cast at 52mm high, this is to allow for varying heights of station platforms you may have. It is expected that some of the lower brick courses will need to be cut off to fit your platform height. This is very easily carried out with a standard wood saw. The edging is also cast with a tapering rear face. This is to give the adhesive somewhere to, 'squeeze' into if you intend to bond them. It also means the face you intend to fix these edging strips to, does not have to be 90 degrees for a perfect fit!


Kit Contents:
X1     Platform edging
Technical Information:
Length     254mm
Height     53mm
Depth     32mm

Platform Edging

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