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Made from etched .7mm brass with folded edges and rivets to give a more substantial look to your standard Roundhouse engine. Will fit all Lady Anne, Katie, Billy type buffer beams with the cast white metal buffer.

Please note, this overlay is made for the fitment of our Roundhouse scale brass coupling, but can be altered to take the standard RH white metal buffer.

These have been designed as a direct overlay and to cover up the gap under the buffer. The slot has been designed to fit with our Roundhouse scale buffer and give a more solid scale look. If you want a different shape on the corners, you can simply cut out the shape you want and use the fret to make up the newly shaped corners. The surrounding fret is 3mm to match the overlay folded edges for the very purpose of customization. 

The overlay is tall enough to fit over the smoke box plate.

We also offer these overlays with pre-pressed rivets, but please remember that it is a little harder to fold the edges and modify in this format.

Kit Contents:
X2     buffer beam overlay
Technical Information:
Width     111mm
Height     31mm
Fold return     3mm 

Roundhouse Buffer Beam Overlays

Roundhouse Buffer Beam Overlays
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