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                                   *** PLEASE NOTE ***

These truers are made in small batches and may have a lead time of up to 3 weeks. If a lead time is of importance to you, please check

           avaliability with us before placing an order, thank you.


We have now added the option of a prewired 5amp Power Supply for your convience if needed. Please allow a little extra time for delivery if you order your truer with a Power Supply as we have to order them in on a sale by sale bassis.


Please watch the YouTube link to the right as this forms part of this product description >


Some of the key features of this Tyre Truer :-

  • PRICE !!
  • Strong resin main body
  • Brass Axle fork
  • Brass pulleys
  • RS550 5 pole motor
  • PWM LED Speed Controller
  • Alloy sanding plate, can be used double sided
  • Pre-assembled 
  • Pre- wired
  • UK Made
  • Available from stock or very short wait time! 


     Additional useful information:-

  • Outside distance of axle fork = 27mm
  • Wet & Dry paper from Toolstation (good paper, stays flat)
  • Double sided tape from Toolstaion Product code: 44920


Our Swift Sixteen Slot Car Tyre Truer has been designed to be a very capable little tool, while being at a price that will not break the bank! The main body is made from polyurethane resin, this is the same resin that has been used to make our garden railway kits for the last 20 years and has proven to be extremely tough. The axle fork and axle pulley are made from cast brass, and the motor pulley from brass bar. Hidden inside the swing arm are two ballraces and the sanding plate is made from 6mm alloy.


The motor used is of the RS550 5 pole type giving great low down power and smooth running. It is controlled using the PWM LCD Speed Control that is mounted on top of the truer. The Speed controller has many programmable settings using the control knob as a push button (settings below), however, as delivered, the speed control is set correctly. The LCD display gives a readout number of between 0 and 100, this is the percentage of the voltage supplied by the power supply given to the motor. Due to all sorts of global restrictions, this tyre truer does not come with a power supply, but any 12 volt DC 5 amp or more will be fine. Ebay is full of them for well under £15, just search for 12volt, 5amp Power Supply. 


As can be seen from the pictures above, there is a trough under the sanding plate, this is so the sanding plate can be double sided. A coarse and fine wet and dry paper with double sided tape already applied is included, just peel and stick. Sanding tyres is a personal affair, but the supplied paper should be agreeable to most. Replacement paper should be cut at 18mm wide and stuck with double sided tape onto the sanding plate EXACTLY in the middle. The paper must NOT be allowed to touch the raised rails of the base!


The axle fork is made of cast brass and can be filled or dremeled to suit your needs. So if you need to tweak the axle alignment or gain a little extra clearance for your tyres etc, the brass can be easily removed with a sharp file or coarse grinding/flap wheel on a Dremel tool.


The belt pulley combo is 18mm, so you can turn tyres down to 18mm OD if you feel the need to pass the sanding block under the pulley. However, I do recommend sanding only one tyre at a time and you can come in from the right hand side, so the sanding block has plenty of room to slide and keep away from the pulley.




As the old saying goes, "there are many ways to skin a cat", and what works for some, does not work for others. What chemicals and fluids for lubrication work for some tyres, will not work for others and everybody has their favourites on top of that, same with abrasive paper! Not wanting to 'cop out', but I'd like to point you over to YouTube and the forums where you can find information specifically pointed at the tyre brand and graid you are wanting to work with.


However, in a nutshell :-


Keep the speed low, 

Keep the pressure very very light,

Keep the tyres lubricated.


If you follow these basic points, you should be fine! Just a word of warning, some tyres like NSR do not like to be sanded, so following the above points is very important!


Motor advice.


Although the Speed Controller can handle up to 30volts, the motor is rated at 12volts. This will not be problem if a 12volt power supply is used. If using a higher powered power supply (and under 30volts) it may well be a good idea to set the Speed Controller 'Maximum output setting' to a number where the motor does not see more than  12volts! However, tyres should never be run at high speed when being trued anyway, so in theory over driving the motor should never be an issue!


Speed Controller Information.


Controller 12amp, 5-30 volts


Red lead to POSITIVE +


Black lead to NEGATIVE -




Setting method if wanted, but please note this Speed Controller comes pre-set up and ready to use.


Press the knob for 8 seconds to enter setting mode.


Short press to switch between parameter type.


Rotate knob to select value of parameter.


Press and hold knob for 2 seconds to exit parameter after setting value.


.PON. Motor on when powered directly .


.POF. Motor off when powered directly. 


Factory setting is .PON.


.LOO-L49. Minimum output setting 00% - 49%


Factory setting is .LOO.


.HOO-H5O. Maximum output setting 100% - 50%


Factory setting is .OO.


.F01-F99. PWM frequency setting 1Khz - 99Khz


Factory setting is .20Khz.


.OO.O.- .O99. Slow start to 100% speed time O.O - 9.9 seconds


Factory setting is 2 seconds.


.CO.O-C9.9. Slow to stop speed O.O - 9.9 seconds


Factory setting is .O. seconds.


.TO.1-T25. Adjust the value step size  O.1 - 25.


Factory setting is .1.OO.



Slot Car Tyre Truer

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