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Please note, this casting is meant as a modelling 'starting point' and is not meant as a 'finished model'. There for it is down to the modeller to make it into what the modeller wants. This maybe simply bolting it onto a wagon, or totally changing it, it simply falls down to requirement and skill level.


The Swift Sixteen snow plough has been made as a working tool to clear the full width of your track, however, it has a welth of detail modelled into it. The roof line is curved to match a wide variety of rolling stock. 

There is a large cut out to allow for clearance of a coupling and safety chain if the plough is only going to be a temporary fixture. The mounting of this plough is left to you and you may feel a little adaptation is needed to fit your requirements. 


Although this is a very solid casting, it can be easily hollowed out with a wood working router if any adaption needs to be undertaken. Simply clamp the plough in a Workmate with some soft padding to protect the detail and route as needed. The orange wagon we made for our plough has a full Swift Sixteen bogie inlet into the plough, it has about 1kg of weight over the wagon rear axle for balance.
Technical Information:
Length                 150mm
Mounting Plate     93mm
Width                   125mm
Height                  139mm 

Snow Plough

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