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Technical Information:

Boiler radius                       Ideal 40mm but will fit from 35mm to 50mm
Height from top of boiler     26mm

Exteranl diameter                    21mm
Internal diameter                    16.5mm (approx)


Swift Sixteen's own brand polished cast brass steam dome for the Mamod, IP Jane and RWM Janet.

Will fit any loco with a 38mm or 1 1/2" boiler, but will fit from 35mm to 50mm with gentle compression in a bench vice over a steel former (protect the polished top!)

The one thing that these little engines always seem to be missing, are nicely shaped domes, or even a dome at all! Even if they have got a dome, they are often way too basic in shape. We have solved this problem with our cast brass dome that features a very nice boiler flare. 

This is a polished casting only with a large internal bore. It will fit any boiler of 38mm or 1 1/2". Because it is made with many engines in mind, we do not supply a means of fixing it to the water top up valve/safety valve, this is for the customer to make. 


Kit Contents:
X1     Dome

Steam Dome

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