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Full 16mm scale, real stone ballast.

Is it me or does a model railway never quite look finished until the ballast goes down? The next problem is, scale ballast is almost impossible to find, so we end up making do with what we can find!

Swift Sixteen have now solved all your 16mm scale ballasting problems with this 100% real stone ballast pack. Each grain is about 3mm across, giving the perfect scale appearance. Can be simply glued down in the normal water/PVA/washing up liquid way, or left loose.

If a track bed of 6" is used and the track is simply placed on a flat surface, you will use about 300grams per foot. So a 2kg bag will ballast about 6 1/2 foot of track at 6" wide.

This product is heavy, each pack is 2kg, so the postage is high! To help on delivery costs, you can collect it in person or order it for collection at my next show. 

Kit Contents:
X1     Ballast Pack
Technical Information:
Pack weight     2kg 

Stone Ballast

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