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Please note, we have now moved over to our glass filled nylon wheels.  Models showing images of metal wheels will now be supplied with our high quality glass filled nylon wheels


Swift Sixteen standard bogie.

For your next rolling stock project, why not try a set of high detail Swift Sixteen bogies? They are made form a very tough pre-coloured resin, with huge brass bushes and steel wheels for years of trouble free running. For the greatest flexibility over the most undulating track, you will see one bogie has a flat bar to control, 'roll', the other has a ball top to maintain adhesion to the rails.

Kit Contents:
X8     Wheels
X4     Axles
X4     Axle bushes
X2     Bogie bodies
X4     Bogie side frames
Technical Information:
Wheel base     46mm
Wheel diameter     24mm
Height from railhead     30mm 

Swift Sixteen Standard Bogies

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