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Tin Turtle is a nickname given to the larger (40hp) Motor Rail locomotives produced for the War Department Light Railways of the First World War. The name was coined due to the appearance of the locomotives which carried weighty armor plating to protect their crews during use near the front line.

Swift Sixteen are very proud to be able to bring you this true, 16mm scale WW1 Tin Turtle kit. No short cuts have been made, so we can offer you the best model money can buy in its class.

Our Tin Turtle kit has been made from only the very best materials, so that we are able to reproduce this historical locomotive in stunning detail. What is more, time was taken to travel to the real locomotive at the Apedale Valley Light Railway to see this engine. A good few hours were spent photographing and measuring the fully restored prototype, so that we could produce the finest model possible.

We would like to thank all the guys at Apedale for their help and time.

The main body casting is made from our now famous pure resin, so you are off to a flying start with a huge detail level and accuracy. The main body and chassis castings are at least 5mm thick, so this model will stand the test of time.

All the fragile and vulnerable parts are made from cast brass, these being roof supports, buffer heads and handles. Other body parts are made from .7mm brass etchings, with either etched in detail, or pre-marked rivets for pressing with a rivet press. Our kit is also supplied  with the roof pre-rolled.

If number plates and builders plates are your thing, we have even covered that. In the kit as standard are a full set of fully scale and beautifully etched plates in .3mm nickel silver.

If the above was not enough, our kit comes with RTR brass power bogie, fitted with powerful RS385 5 pole motor, brass and steel gears, over sized brass bearings, Delrin chain drive and stainless steel wheels! 

The model has been designed to leave the body cavity as empty as we can, this means that there is plenty of room for batteries and R/C gear, if that is what you want to fit. There is even scope to scratch build some internal detail, if you want to.

Please Note, we now offer this model with a non powered solid resin cast bogie on our Glass filled nylon wheels and brass bushes at a lower cost.

Kit Contents:
X1     Body
X1     Chassis
X2     Under plate
X2     Under plate rail
X2     Under plate post
X1     Exhaust pipe
X1     Exhaust silencer
X1     Pre rolled roof
X1     Etch brass pack
X2     Etch Number plate
X2     Etch builders plate
X4     Brass roof post
X6     Brass handle
X2     Brass buffer
X1     RTR brass power bogie
X1     Brass wire
X2     R clip
X3     Allen bolt
X30     Brass rivet

Technical Information:
Length over buffers     185mm
Width     108mm
Height     120mm
Weight     720 gram

Gearbox   25:1



Protected Tin Turtle

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