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Due to the extream cost of etch brass now, we no longer hold this body instock. If you would like to buy one, please allow about 4 months delivery, as can be the time needed for our etcher to fullfill orders. Also there is a 30% nonrefundable deposit on this body kit if ordered. For more information, feel free to contact us.


Brass Tram Locomotive body kit, made to fit the Roundhouse Bertie steam power unit, but could also be adapted for any small steam engine, or electric chassis.

This body has been made in 16mm scale and designed to capture the look of a traditional Victorian Tramway locomotive.

Swift Sixteen are very proud to be able to offer you our Brass Steam Tram Kit in 16mm, this being a highly accurate and detailed model. Although the kit is based around a Roundhouse Bertie power unit, it can be just as easily converted to run with any steam power unit that will fit from other manufacturers. If steam is not your thing, go electric, or R/C electric! Some manufacturers, offer power bogies on their own, even one of these would fit, then just add batteries etc.

Although this model is strictly a road tram; back in the day, we highly suspect these trams would have been seen running just off the 'beaten path' in semi rural settings. We are a firm believer in, "It's my railway, I'll run what I like". We hope that you will like it as much as we do and make a space for it in your engine shed.

This body kit may look very complex and hard to build, but that could not be further from the truth. We have made very good use of half etching, stepping and layering techniques to achieve a multi-layered surface that gives 'depth' and 'feel' to this model. The body up to, and including the pre-rolled roof, is made up of only 8 main panels! Almost all of the detail is half etched and pressed into these parts. What gives this model its detailed appearance, is the effort we have put into the detail and design. What is left, is just the 'icing on the cake'.

A major feature of steam trams, is the roof fencing and condensing tubes. We have addressed this in a big way. Many hours have been spent designing and drawing up this area of our tram to give the best possible look and ease of build. Yes, we know that there are 42 condensing tubes to solder on, but it is a very easy and satisfying job, thanks to the simplicity of our design. 

The other small details that make this kit really stand out, are:- corner roof brackets, roof mounted lamp brackets, lamp irons, door handles, recessed panels, full rivet detail, internal water tanks with brass fillers, internal coal bunkers, door and hatch hinges etc. 

We are very proud of our brass tram kit, and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

The cow catchers and chimney extension are sold separately on the option list below. Brass couplings are available from the builders parts section of this site. The lamps are not sold with this kit, they can be purchased from other vendors.


We do not supply the Roundhouse chassis boiler for this model. You will need to order it from Roundhouse directly.


Kit Contents:
X4     Brass sheet
X2     Brass Water filler
X4     Brass roof tube
X2     door handle
X1     brass wire
X2     Nickel fence side
X2     Nickel fence end
X2     Pre-rolled roof panels
Technical Information:
Length     284mm
Height     175mm
Width     118mm
Height top of chimney     185mm



Tram Body Kit

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