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Are you struggling to find things to put in your wagons? Our 'Swift' wooden crates may be what you've been looking for.

Made from our standard unpainted resin, these hollow castings will give the impression of a heavy load on your wagon or could be stacked in a siding waiting to be loaded.

These crates come in three unpainted sizes to give a good mix of interest. Each crate  has very nice wood grain and nail detail. As said above, these crates are a hollow casting, so if it's weight you're looking for, they could be filled with scrap metal glued in to help light rolling stock. We have found they look very good in our Bogie and Well Wagons.


Kit Contents:
X1     Resin crate (please choose required size using the option boxes above)
Technical Information:
Small            £2.50    
Height          35mm
Width           37mm
Length         37mm
Medium      £3.00    
Height         47mm
Width          48mm
Length        48mm
Large           £3.50    
Height         47mm
Width          48mm
Length        74mm

Wooden Crates

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