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Taken from our range of WW1 rolling stock, this bogie kit can be used as a scratch aid or to re-bogie your existing stock.

This bogie is a scale model of a standard WW1 bogie. It is made of cast resin, cast brass and etched brass. The  construction process is part glue and part solder. All detail is present, including brake gear handle, stanchion and blocks. The wheels used, are Swift Sixteen gless filled Nylon 20mm 6 spoke and run in our standard brass tube. The buffer is prototypical and made from cast brass. One bogie has a 'bar top' to control the wagon body roll, and the other has a fully compensated 'ball top'.

There are two types of bogie on offer here, one is 32mm and the other 45mm. These are two totally separate castings, the 45mm one being wider 

Kit Contents:
X2     Bogie body
X8     Spring detail
X8     Brake block
X2     Cast buffer
X1     brass etch
X2     brass rod
X8     Wheel
X4     Axle
X4     Axle tube
Technical Information:
Length over buffer     94mm
Width across frame 32mm     55.5mm
Width across frame 45mm 45mm     66m
Height from rail to pivot top     33mm 



WW1 War Department Bogie

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